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“WhatsApp Messenger, you know you know chatting over the internet with many people”

WhatsApp Messenger, you know you know chatting over the internet with many people.  Photos with the people you talk to, you can also be able to share your video or position statement. Moreover, all of these options are provided only on the Internet !

Innovations that could put an end to the previously used term SMS
WhatsApp Messenger is used consistently with the capacity to eliminate the SMS system.

This application offers the possibility of voice conversations with other people. People are using more correspondence speech but such a feature is available. You can talk to the screen background wallpapers available. You can choose in your photo library or stock photos. The moment as you can talk to one person you can talk with a full group of 30 people.

Your voice is a nice option for you if you want to announce that a lot of people.

The only way to talk to people to save them to your contacts.So that people can take photos and video. You can also share your location information via the map.

As mentioned in section a voice conversation, push to talk options presented to you. Voice messages are sent to each other will be saved on your phone. Smilar kind and type of Viber and Voxer.
Another feature of the speech deletion of records of implementation. This conversation has backed up to iCloud storage space (for iPhone). In case of any problems with your phone, you will achieve your speech.
There is emoloj specially designed smiley emoticons icons next to your speech.

How does WhatsApp work ?

You need to download to your phone to use the application. You can using this application flow contact with other people when the application is installed on your phone.
The application can be called free use. Years after the first year only 99 cents.
 WhatsApp today's most popular communication tool. Applications used previously stayed at the moment is in the background.

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